Belmar fishing report for Stripers and Blackfish with Andy's crew. No brainer today to go get the Stripers early. All the signs were right in our face, Birds were out in force today. After the screen lit up with blobs upon blobs of fish it turned to chaos. Two reels eagle nested in the haste of getting jigs out. After passing out some boat rods we should get some commission from Avet! made some believers with the simplistic design and reliability of these reels. Any way we slung our limit plus blues in the box early. Put some soup on the stove and had an early lunch. Headed to the tog grounds and battled the Bergals. Vicious little bastards left and right. Bounced around and found one with the right life. Greg had a hefty one on that peeled drag back into the wreck and broke off. can't win 'em all but the overall quality of the fish coming up was nice. Ended with 1 shy of a limit.

Sailing open boat as well as charter from Belmar out of Shark River Inlet, call or text. -Capt. Garrett