Belmar Sea Bass / Ling Fishing

This is a fast paced no nonsense type of fishing that provides fun for all ages and skill levels, beginner to fishaholic. The coast of NJ is host to hundreds of "pieces" or wrecks and rock piles that provide a home and habitat for these aggressive tasty fish. Given the equipment onboard we can position over a large pile or something the size of a toilet bowl. Clams, Asian crabs or gulp produce the best on HI/LO rigs. These fish aren't picky with technique as long as you can hold bottom. Plenty of lead and rigs are kept on board for re rigging break offs if you snag some real estate. Porgies and triggerfish are a fun by-catch later on in the season and all of this is targeted by either anchoring or drifting when the conditions are calm enough. Find a good ceviche or fish taco recipe and hop aboard.

We are prepared for combination of anything that is biting alongside another species. Trips are not one type specific, we are no strangers to accommodation and adaptability.

Belmar Sea Bass Charters