Belmar Summer Flounder Fishing / Fluke

Another Jersey fan favorite drifting lumps and craggy bottom. Fluke fishing has been transformed from dragging squid and killies to elaborate jigs and teasers of all colors and styles. We stay on the cutting edge with jigging styles and presentation.

Bring your favorite assortment of jigs from 3-8 ounce, braided line works best for feeling subtle bites. Fluke tend to come back or chase a bait for a while so be patient. Custom jigs from 5-8 ounce are available for purchase at a buck an ounce but for a full day bring plenty of spares. Remember, lift slow until he's hanging then give 'em the steel!

We are prepared for combination of anything that is biting alongside another species. Trips are not one type specific, we are no strangers to accommodation and adaptability.