Blackfish / Tog

Starting in November this type of fishing will put some hair on your chest, or make you pull it out of your head. Blackfish are quite lucrative and are known to steal bait undetected at some times. Using green crabs or white leggers, we double anchor to keep still on our numbers that hold these white chins. As always, rigs and lead are always plentifully stocked and a enclosed heated cabin to warm up. Practice makes perfect and keep that weight still on the bottom, you can never go to heavy with the lead. Watching your buddies laser focus then swing for the fences makes for a good laugh as well, so bust out the layered clothing and join us for some of the most respected fishing we offer.  

We are prepared for combination of anything that is biting alongside another species. Trips are not one type specific, we are no strangers to accommodation and adaptability.

Belmar Blackfishing Charters